Live Better. Declutter.

Downsizing can be one of the hardest tasks for our new residents. Combing through years of possessions and memories can create intense emotions.

Saying Yes to Things

Try thinking of downsizing as saying “yes” to things instead of saying “no” or “goodbye.” Many residents feel energized after purging their closets and cupboards of the unused items that were weighing them down.

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Does it Bring Happiness?

Always ask yourself: Does it bring happiness? Does it have a purpose?

Keep in Mind 

• Think about what your goal is.
• Visualize the purpose and intention of downsizing.
• Think storage first and organization later.
• Organizing is another hurdle, let yourself focus on purging items first.
• Can my child store this?
• Do I need to keep my child’s camping gear or is it time for them to collect their possessions?

Helpful Tips

• One step, item, or room at a time.
• Try breaking the tasks down by room, shelves, or even drawers.
• Block out 20 minutes, 40 minutes, or 60-minute chunks of time a day where your only focus is to declutter.
• Cover distracting areas of the room with a sheet.
• Avoid feeling guilty for keeping or tossing anything; it’s yours to do with as you wish or need.
• Stuck on an item? Place the item aside in a box and revisit it in a few days.
• Part with unnecessary memory clutter.
• Frying pan in the bathroom? Collect misplaced items in a separate box to keep you on task. Return the items once your task or time has finished.
• Anything not used within the past 12 months should get pitched or donated.
• Keep your current or new space in mind.
• Don’t fill your space to the brim, remember that you may be acquiring an item or two in the future.

A Reflection of What's Around Us

It is often said we are a reflection of what’s around us. Fill your home and your life with things that reflect who your really are and who you want to be.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed or confused by the process, turn to Linkside. We have a team on standby to help any resident plan a move, connect you with professional organizers and movers, and even sell your biggest possession, your home. What are you waiting for?

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