Finding Your Community

At Linkside, we’re often singing the praises of our 55+ community as a top reason to move here. It’s no secret: we’re proud of our innovative, custom-feel neighborhood and high-quality homes.

But what, exactly, does “community” mean? 

A community can certainly mean a lot of things and may be hard to define, but at its core, the term can be simply understood as an association of like-minded people. At Linkside, we like to think of it in even more personal terms. Here, our 55+ community is about close connections and peace of mind. 

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We think finding your community is one of the most important things in life.

Why? Because belonging to a community brings with it an abundance of benefits for well-being. Here are our residents’ top four benefits:


Linkside is a masterfully-designed development providing residents with their own private indoor and outdoor spaces within a beautiful, gated community. There is no through traffic in the neighborhood, so there is a sense of shelter from the outside world. While neighbors know one another and often do things together, they also have their own lives and separate interests. The clubhouse is available to residents for private parties, and there is no worry about what will be built across the street. 

Sense of Belonging

Community is all about belonging. It’s a great feeling in life to find a place or group of people that just “fits.” At Linkside at Old Hawthorne, we take great care to foster a sense of community within our neighborhood. We regularly get together for potlucks, watch parties and barbecues, and also coordinate workshops and speakers that challenge and inspire us. These year-round activities help keep us engaged, and foster organic friendships. Too, we often participate in two’s and three’s at events hosted by the Club at Old Hawthorne.

Renewed Drive

Seeing others living their lives fully is an encouragement to do likewise. Linkside at Old Hawthorne is a thriving community, full of interesting people with passion that drives them. Whether you’re a music lover, an artist, a book hound, or an avid golfer, you’ll find a group of individuals who share your passion and nudge you to move forward with pursuing the things you love to do.. 

Strong Support System

Everyone needs another shoulder to lean on from time to time. Perhaps the greatest benefit of finding your community is that, suddenly, you have an unflinching support system around every corner. Linkside’s residents look after one another. We treat each other like good neighbors deserve. Whether you’re suffering from an unforeseen disaster or you simply need to get something off your chest, Linkside’s community will help carry you on. 

If you are interested in a lifestyle that brings joy and engagement, Linkside is for you! Join us by scheduling a tour today.

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