55+ Living...Doing What You Love

During your years in the workforce, the week was overloaded by work and exhaustion. Many weekends were lost to family obligations and household chores while you tried to balance your health and social life.

Sometimes those weekdays and weekends turned to months, and then to years. While you enjoyed the years as the flew by, you might not have gotten the chance to do what you longed to do. There was always that internal voice calling you to jump into that suppressed hobby or begin a new adventure.

You’ve done the hard part already. Now that you’ve reached, or nearing, retirement, the time for waiting has passed. Now is the time to act; to do what you’ve always wanted to do.

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The Gift of More Time

The gift of more time is a not a phrase you hear often. Yet at Linkside, it may be something you hear escape your mouth frequently. We help our Linkside community by eliminating the little burdens and worries from their lives so they are able to do what they’ve always wanted to do.

Linkside residents are active. They take advantage of the life they’ve earned by:

● Volunteering
● Taking up a sport
● Obtaining a hobby
● Starting a business
● Traveling

Your twenties were not the only window to take risks. You can live longer and healthier today than ever before. Life is about the attitude you bring. Find what you wake up loving to do and do that.

At Linkside, our “lock it and leave it” community has enabled residents to travel for the day or for the month worry free. Not being tied down to lawn care or home maintenance has freed our residents to do as they wish.

If you’re not sure what to do with your new time, Linkside has some options. There are plenty of built-in activities and interest groups that span every corner.

Do whatever you want. Make the world yours.

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