Swing into Fun: Pro Golf Tips

Whether you already play like a pro in the PGA or LPGA, are more of a "teetotaler," or have never picked up a club, there's always room to improve your golf game. Here are some tips from pros that can help:

Aim for Success

Most right-handed golfers aim right but this doesn’t always mean the ball will go right as their swing will often compensate for their bodies' being poorly aligned. That doesn't mean your feet — but also your knees, hips, shoulders and the face of your club. Check your alignment every single practice session — forever! 

Rock "Solid"

… a solid stance, that is. Create a stance which is wide, solid, stable and balanced. You should build your golf swing "from the ground up."

Perfect Your Posture

Focus on great golf posture by tilting at your hips and not at your waist. Think of a hinge on your hip. 

Come to Grips

Frequently practice holding the club in the right position even when you're not playing golf. Carry a club into the house with you and every time you walk past it hold it for 30 seconds. Soon your hands will automatically grip the club correctly.

Do a Hip Check

No, we're not talking hockey, here! But nearly all "down swing" failure is due to starting with your upper body versus "bumping" your hips. Be conscious of using your lower level to start the movement, with your upper body following. (Not unlike when you skip a stone.)

Be at Home on the Range

Learn your game on the driving range before you head for the course. Each range session should include 50 balls and last at least 30 minutes. Take two practice swings per ball. As the old saying goes, "Practice makes perfect."

Have Lofty Ideals

The degree of loft on golf clubs helps separate them from each other, since the loft influences the flight and distance of shots. A lower loft hits the ball further while a higher loft in effect "launches" the ball up into the air with more spin.

Practicing with a short, lofted club encourages better posture and cleaner ball striking. Everyone feels more confident seeing a nice high ball flight. Too little loft makes new golfers need to use a ruinous "scooping" action to get the ball upwards.

Pitch Your Driver - Initially

Start each practice session with your pitching wedge and move through your bag, mastering each club as you go. Avoid using longer, more difficult clubs until you're consistently and confidently hitting the shorter ones. Many golfers would be better off avoiding the driver for at least the first 18 months of playing!

Try a Tri

Par 3 courses are great for helping you understand the game and hone your course management skills. You’ll spend less time looking for golf balls and start to hone those all-important short-game skills

Review and Refine Monthly

As your interest in golf grows, you’ll likely begin to read golf magazines, watch golf infomercials or tournaments, and even entertain purchasing one of those “game-changing golf swing programs” on the Internet. Resist! The key to a great game is mastering the list above.

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