What Exactly is a 55+ Active Community?

As the name implies, a 55+ active retirement community is a community designed for those who are, quite simply, 55 years old and older. These communities are also called “age restricted” or “age-qualified” communities. They’re designed to offer active adults a sense of community and security with neighbors in the same stage of life as they are.  Active communities deliver a retirement-friendly lifestyle, and all the benefits of owning a home, without all the hassle.

With the 2020 Census now estimating the number of baby boomers at about 73 million people, if you’re one who has considered transitioning to a 55+ community, you’re definitely not alone. Boomers are living longer, more fulfilling lives while remaining highly engaged. Don’t be surprised when you learn that many residents of such communities are still working or own several businesses. There are reasons why these communities have surged in popularity. This age group knows what’s important and wants to focus on fully enjoying themselves.

Segmented communities are not new.

College campuses offer sections of student housing dedicated to those with similar fields of study. Neighborhoods around schools tend to attract young families, providing both parents and kids a built-in network for socializing and support. Families of different ethnic backgrounds have often congregated together so that they can honor and maintain their culture and traditions in unity. Even vacation resorts and cruise ships now offer options labeled as “adults only” or “kid friendly” options. Bottom line - people are looking for a customized lifestyle where they can feel comfortable and connected. It’s no surprise then, that the tidal wave of Baby Boomers is actively looking for places to live that suits their specific needs and interests. 55+ Communities meet that need.

But they definitely bring the benefits

The benefits of an age-qualified community are definitely attractive! If you are in that age range, you’ve likely worked for the majority of your adult life. You’ve sacrificed for family and career and are now discovering yourself in a new place in life – a place where you can finally focus on what makes you happy.

55+ active retirement communities cater to a specific audience, and as a result, they understand the lifestyle needs of a more mature resident better than anyone.

Imagine living in a gorgeous home yet never having to worry about mowing the lawn or shoveling snow or painting the exterior. 55+ communities are set up to provide low or no maintenance living with many additional services covered through a simple HOA fee. Residents are free to spend their time doing what they love, knowing that the more challenging chores and maintenance projects are covered. Additionally, knowing that most retirees are living on a fixed income, 55+ Retirement Communities design homes to be extremely energy efficient. Special thought is taken to offer conveniences that allow their residents to age in their community:

  • Considerations like larger doors and showers make wheelchair access easy.
  • Subtle upgrades like arthritic-friendly light switches, door knobs, kitchen and bathroom fixtures are elements are extremely valuable.
  • Added security in top notch communities through a gated entrance which is completely wheelchair accessible.
  • Private clubhouses provide residents with a space of their own to gather.

Imagine being able to mix and mingle with others who are in your same age group and in a similar stage of life, in a “built in” social circle. You can take a walk and visit on a regular basis, without having to drive anywhere or plan in advance. Imagine also having easy regular access to fitness facilities, a club house, golf courses, pools, fine dining and social clubs. 55+ Communities offer a list of amenities that are carefully selected to fit the lifestyle and interests of active older adults.

Sound good?

If you think a 55+ active community sounds like it might be right for you, take a tour of Linkside and find out. Ask lots of questions. We think you’ll like what you find. 


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